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The Hacks, the Unshared Secrets, and Smart Move That You Will Not Find Anywhere on the Internet! 

All happening LIVE via the private virtual platform.

Note: This Japa Challenge is Worth Over $1175!

And Shoot Up Your Chances of Getting Your Dream Job as a Health Care Assistant in the United Kingdom

A Dramatic Announcement

On the eve of December 25, 2021, the United Kingdom Migration Advisory Committee announced the decision to add care workers to the shortage occupation list.

What led to that decision?

Statement of the Problem

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the UK health and care sector has been experiencing unprecedented challenges prompted by the pandemic.
Apart from the fact that healthcare professionals are in short shortage, many are leaving the profession.

However, with the emergence of the Omicron, there was a devastating increase in staff absences, which majorly complicated the existing shortage in the availability of healthcare workers in the UK.

And to make matters worse, the government brought in a requirement for care home staff to be vaccinated, which raised concerns about even more people leaving the sector.


What's the Solution?

In order to avert an impending crisis, the UK government needed to do something “immediately” to temper “severe and increasing difficulties” with recruitment and retention in the health and social care sector.

The announcement to add care workers to the shortage list was long overdue, as there has been previous campaigns against the government of ignoring the role care workers have played during the coronavirus pandemic by excluding them from its new immigration system.

What's the Implication?

For the UK government, the immigration changes was a smart move to bolster the workforce and help alleviate some of the pressures being currently experienced.

This means the decision to add care workers to the shortage occupation list for 12 months will allow migrants to get work visas faster to fill the unlimited job spaces available in the health and care sector.

It means healthcare organizations, NHS hospitals and private care homes battling with staffing shortages  can now recruit and keep staff for a longer period!

How Does This Affect You?

As a migrant worker, this not only gives you the opportunity to legally secure a permanent job in the UK, it also means you will be able to move in with dependents, including partners and children. 

And guess what? With you and your spouse entitled to earning a minimum of £20,480 a year each, there is no better and faster pathway to secure your settlement in the UK than this! 

THEN THIS 90-DAY japa challenge IS FOR YOU!

This is a very rare opportunity to sit in the same room with reliable, trustworthy, tested and trusted experts  with years of experience in the UK healthcare practice.

A uncommon and unique privilege to work with passionate nurses who will be coaching, guiding, and supporting you towards a successful migration journey to the United Kingdom within the shortest period without getting your fingers burnt or getting scammed!

To be clear, 


We are simply a team of African Nurses based in the United Kingdom who not only want to help Africans with their dream moves, but also protect innocent citizens from the numerous fraud all over the internet.

If you want to save yourself a lot of heartache and heartbreak that comes with doing this wrongly, take the wise decision and enrol for this career support boot camp now!

Registration for August 2022 Ongoing

Virtual Platform

Who Should Be Interested In This Challenge?

This is for anyone interested or passionate about advancing an exciting career in the UK healthcare industry.

Whether you have already started the process of migration…

You have gotten a job interview or offer…

You haven’t made up your mind yet, or you are even lost about how best to go about it,

This workshop is for you!

Who Else Should Join This Challenge?

  • Anyone in a career or profession with health background. Either working within the hospital setting or any clinically related area.
  • Anyone in a non-health related career or profession. You don’t need to work in any clinically related setting to achieve your relocation dream as a HCA in the UK.
  • Anyone above the age of 18, can communicate in English and willing to be mentored, trained or coached.
  • Anyone from within the African continent 




Special Introductory Session:

5 Reasons Why You Would Never Regret Migrating to the United Kingdom.

Main Session

What do Healthcare Assistants really do?

Why choose Healthcare Assistant career in the United Kingdom and what should you expect?

What soft skills will shoot up your chances for career acceleration and advancement?

How much can Healthcare Assistants really earn beyond the standard salary?

What prospects await healthcare assistants migrating to the UK after they stabilize?



Special Interview Session:

Life of  a Healthcare Assistant in the UK: Exploring the Career Journey.


Main Session:

What kind of Visa will be issued and how many years will it last?

What are the chances that you can move in with your family as soon as possible?

How fast will the Visa processing take and what is the estimate of the entire relocation process?

What if I want to relocate to the United Kingdom alone or with my family?

What will the cost of living look like in the United Kingdom, especially if you are coming with your family?

How many years will it take to stabilize and adapt to the UK work environment?

What education prospects await you, your spouse or your dependents when you get to the UK?

Special Bonus Session


Hot Seat: Live Interview Session

Come hear true-life experiences and real-life stories and testimonies of individuals who migrated to the UK as Healthcare Assistants and are now success stories.



Why should you avoid wasting money on un-endorsed online certifications?

What are the endorsed certifications and how can you access scholarships to get them for FREE?

How can you get a job offer even if you are from one of the red list countries?

What will the sponsorship from the job offers given me cover?

NHS Hospitals or Care Home, which is better and how can you get a job offer in any of them?

Will paying money to an Agency really get you a job in the United Kingdom?

What danger should you look out for with recruitment agencies and what costly mistakes MUST you avoid?

Is it really true that you can get a job without a recruiting agency?

How can you avoid being scammed by fraudsters?

Special Focus

Are there exams or courses necessary to take before you can get a job offer?

What are the standard requirements you must meet to to get a job as a healthcare worker?

How can you prepare a professional CV that will increase your chances for a job offer?

How can you excel at job interviews and smash your interview questions like a pro?

What are the core requirements needed for my relocation journey right from my home country?

What other options are available for me for relocation?

Bonus Session 1

This bonus session analyzes 5 reasons why you should take the UK HCA relocation journey more seriously.

It will also extensively unveil the limitless opportunities you can explore when you eventually get to the UK.

You will relish the privilege of discovering how you can maximize your stay in the UK and advance towards a rewarding career.

Bonus Session 2

This bonus session would will focus on those without a health background and how they can boost up their chances to get equal opportunities with those with a background in the health feilds.

Bonus Session 3

This is a No-Holds-Bar Interview session, there will be an exclusive discussion on the secrets, hacks and smart moves that will shoot up your chances up to 500% and help you beat the emerging competition. You can not find the information anywhere in the internet.



Normally if we were to mentor you daily for 90 days, it would cost over $1175 per person.

But, here’s an opportunity for you to join our private accountability group and participate in the 90-Day JAPA Challenge.

Would you love to pay half the price???

  Less Than $1  FREE?!?

Why Are We Doing This For Free?

We are a team of passionate African Nurses and Midwives based in the Diaspora who just want to support the career journeys of purpose-driven Africans who are really keen to build a bit more comfortable life for their families fulfil their dreams.

Having worked in African healthcare systems and communities for so long, we have seen first hand how much socio-economic hardship can negatively impact on health and well being.

We are passionate about helping Africans access exciting global career opportunities, so that they can get the chance to live far better lives, and return to re-invest in the continent.  

A lot are completely confused about the requirements, how to go about the application, how to apply for jobs and how to make themselves eligible for sponsorship.

We also observed that innocent citizens are being exploited, defrauded and deceived by unscrupulous groups taking advantage of the current situation.

We know how hard things really are right now.
And we hate seeing unscrupulous elements taking undue advantage of Africans due to the migration opportunities in the United Kingdom.

And most importantly, come think of it? 

Does it not rather make sense that we teach our African brothers and sisters how to fish rather than give them pieces of fish?

What are you still waiting for?

Enroll for the 90-Day JAPA Challenge Now!

Meet Your Lead Facilitators

Josephine Amoah
Registered Nurse
Ghana | United Kingdom

Josiah Jackson-Okesola
Registered Nurse
Nigeria | United Kingdom

Victoria Ajadi
Registered Nurse
Nigeria | United Kingdom

Getrude Orodo
Registered Nurse
Kenya | United Kingdom

Lamin Hassan
Registered Nurse
Sierra Leone | United Kingdom

Bethel Omeife
Registered Nurse
Nigeria | United Kingdom

Here's Our Stronger Than Steel Guarantee


Here’s why…

 We honorably guarantee that this is the missing piece you’ve long sought for.

If you take MASSIVE ACTION on the vast PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE and HACKS you’re about to acquire at the  boot camp, your relocation dream is as good as sealed.


What is more?

This intensive and power-packed 90-Day Challenge is coming to you for FREE (yayyyy…pumps fist into the sky)

You can call your folks and tell them you’ve made it.

This is a gold mine. It’s time for you to learn from our experiences as we give you the power hacks to help you successfully achieve your career dreams

But know this,

This offer is extremely limited as the time would soon run out!

So, to ensure you don’t miss out, ACT NOW!

Otherwise you would be so pained that you didn’t.


Aaaaaah you made it, to the warm and cosy place in the PS section.

And, in case you’re one of those people who just skip to the end, here’s the deal:

We are offering you a 90-Day Exclusively FREE Intensive challenge on Getting Your Dream Relocation to UK Sealed…

That outlines the COMPLETE HACK of how to relocate to the United Kingdom as a Healthcare Assistant in less than 6 months from now even if you don’t have a career background in health.

The session is free, no-risk, just your commitment to making your relocation dream come true. 

All happening LIVE for 90 days in the Private Virtual Platform.


When would the JAPA challenge begin?


This daily accountability sessions starts

September 1st – November 31st 2022

Only enrolled members will have full access to the sessions.
Reminders would be sent prior to each session.

What If I can't attend the workshop physically?

All sessions will be held online.

What do I need to bring?

You just need to BRING YOU. 
Come ready to learn, come with an open mind and good attitude, and let us take care of the rest.

Can I bring a spouse or partner?


Every enrolled member will have access to the live sessions, which means we can’t control who’s sitting next to you while you watch. 

So if you have a friend, spouse, kid, or dog that wants to watch with you, please feel free to bring them along!

You can also share this web page to those far away from you so they can register and be included to the closed virtual platform.


How do I know that this is not a scam?


We are NOT a recruiting agency and we do not ASK FOR ANY MONEY to be recruited as HCA to the United Kingdom!

Beware of scammers or syndicate agencies who swindle money from innocent Africans.

If any one uses this career support program to demand any sort of fee from any participant for the sole of recruitment, do not hesitate to report to the organizers.


With all your doubts relieved, why not just hit the “shaky shaky” button below.



Need help? Let us know via info@becomeanurse.net

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