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On Friday December 10, 2021, at the headquarters of the International Council of Nurses, world nursing leaders rose up to a unanimous decision: something drastic needs to be done or else the nursing workforce will completely breakdown and there may be a global crisis. Why?

The Statement of the Problem

Over the last two years, the numbers of nurses around the world are falling further just as the third waves hit harder in some countries and Omicron coronavirus spreads.

Inadvertently, there is resultant strain on Africa, as Western countries step up recruitment of healthcare workers from African and other poorer countries.

Many nurses are burned out from the COVID-19 pandemic and rates of “intention to leave” within a year have doubled to 20-30%.

The nursing workforce global is a point of crisis, and if nothing drastic is done about the shortage, the world will suffer.

There is an urgent need to recruit more Nurses and Midwives into the profession, as well as urgent need to provide support, guidance, direction and investment to attract more personnel into the healthcare workforce.

Before the pandemic struck, there was already a global shortage of 6 million nurses with some 4.75 million nurses due to retire over the next few years.

As more nurses migrate from African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda, there is a need to fill in the gap at home.

With no light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, proactive nurses are rising up to the challenge, not waiting for the government to do everything.

Then this 4-Week Career Support Bootcamp is for you!

March 17 - 19th, 2022

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Virtual Platform

What will you gain by attending the bootcamp?

What else will you gain by attending this workshop?

Who should attend this FREE workshop?

This is for anyone wanting to change careers or are interested in the healthcare field.

We are a group of passionate Nurses and Midwives based within Africa and Diaspora and we want to help purpose-driven Africans who want to make an impact on humanity through the nursing profession by supporting and empowering them to fulfil their dreams.

Whether you have just started thinking about being a nurse, you haven’t made up your mind yet, or you decided to join the profession but at lost about how best to go about it, this workshop is for you!

Who should not be at the workshop?

This is NOT a cut-corner program, and we will not encourage individuals with dishonest attitudes, love for shady deals, who intend to bribe their ways into admissions in Nursing institutions, or who are not worthy of the profession in any way.

If you are not passionate about this journey and your goal is to bribe your way for ulterior motives, this workshop is not for you?

How do I benefit from the scholarship, sponsorship and study grants?

Just click any of the registration buttons on this page and you’ll be taken to a sign-up form. Once you enter your name and best email, you’ll qualify for the sponsorship.

All workshop participants will be entered to a draw to be eligible for a sponsorship?

You’ll need to attend all training sessions and tutorials with active participation to be eligible. Further details will be in your email after you sign up.

What kind of scholarship or sponsorship are available?

Why do I need an e-mail for this program?

Because there will be a lot going on for this workshop, (Facebook group, weekly training, giveaways, etc) we need a way to get you all the information you may need. So email is required. 

What If I can't attend the workshop physically?

All mentoring, coaching, training and career guidance session will be held online. So, there is no physical classes.

How I do I know this is not a scam?

Please note: We are not a recruiting agency and we do not ask for money from anyone to process admissions into Nursing School!

Beware of scammers or syndicate agencies who swindle money from innocent citizens!

If any one demands any sort of fee from any participant, do not hesitate to report via the contact details on the page.

This program is completely FREE for the Public!

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